About Me

As a PhD in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Utah, my research has focused on the “Prioritization of Site-Suitable Watershed-Scale Low Impact Development Practices.” This combines remote sensing, geospatial analysis, hydrologic modeling, economic analysis, and uncertainty analysis. My advisor, Dr. Christine Pomeroy, and I have collaborated with the Utah Department of Environmental Quality, the NSF EPSCoR project iUTAH, the University of Utah’s Global Change and Sustainability Center, and various ASCE EWRI subcommittees in pursuit of this research (please see my CV for more details). My work focuses on developing sustainable stormwater management networks for urban watersheds in arid and semi-arid regions using the array of LID practices. My most recent article, entitled “Hydrologic Modeling Analysis of a Passive, Residential Rainwater Harvesting Program in an Urbanized, Semi-Arid Watershed,” published inĀ The Journal of Hydrology, presented the long-term hydrologic and cost-effectiveness results for a range of rainwater harvesting scenarios in the Chollas Creek Watershed, San Diego, CA (see Publications).

As an active member in the Urban Water Research Group, my research has contributed to the University of Utah campus, the City of Salt Lake, Research Park, and in establishing research sites for MS students. I have five semesters and 250+ students’ worth of experience teaching upper division courses at the University of Utah, including Hydraulics and Engineering Hydrology. I have also been heavily involved with education and outreach, having co-developed the inaugural 2013 Summer Research Institute for iUTAH. This was a week-long opportunity for participants (9-12 students and teachers, undergraduates and graduates) to study the interaction between urban and natural areas, highlighting the implications of water sustainability in the state of Utah. I have also been involved in a concerted effort to reframe the on-campus Red Butte Creek and riparian corridor as a multi-purpose resource for education, research, recreation, conservation, and sustainability. As such, I have experience translating upper level research for multiple stakeholders, developing and implementing curriculum, mentoring both short- and long-term design projects, and communicating with several disciplines. Please feel free to contact me at Thomas.Walsh@utah.edu.

Keywords: Urban Hydrology, Sustainable Urban Water Management, Green Infrastructure, Rainwater Harvesting, Vulnerabilities and Adaptation, Hydrologic Modeling, Remote Sensing, Geospatial Analysis, Sustainability.


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